Saturday, January 7, 2017

I am certain that this is a New Year.
I am certain that winter is here.
I know, for certain, I re-gained the weight I lost 
[No problem. I know what to do all over again.].

I recall that I stated in former blogs that I would post one each Sunday after noon.

You’re right: I have not done that.


 Please forgive me.
During the New Year, I promise to do better.

What happened?

In April, I had a stroke, after an aneurysm ruptured. I spent four weeks in the hospital and was asleep for three of them.

Since that time, I have been in recovery. It can take a long time—years for some of us.
My surgeon said mine may take a year. If so, I have a definite four more months to go.
 Until then...
I’ll keep at least one promise per blog posting.
 I want to share with others all that I have learned about Strokes since my recovery started.
I want you all to know as much as possible about to take the best 
care of your own health.
When you go to a doctor, I want you to know as much as possible and ask many questions.
Yep, you got it. I am no friend to doctors. I’ll likely say more about that later.

So, if you have, suspect or know you may have high blood pressure, work to lower it, please.
If you are overweight, decide what you will do to control weight.
Two Friends Walking in the Park, at Home

I just thought Yawl might be interested:
This is the hospital I was born in!
Come to see us, Ok!

If you need more sleep and release from stress, take another look at my site and there will be several references there, with more to come.
 Me? I absolutely love sleep and relaxation. Both of these help with lowering and releasing stress.
 I don’t want none of yawl to have a stroke, an aneurysm, high blood pressure.

Please remember: I am a southerner, and 'yawl' is one of my favorite words, after ‘sugar’.:)

I can help.

We have a great deal of information to share. I will surely do my part to make your part more fun and simpler, easier and much more workable.

I stand a much better chance of helping if I write weekly.


Starting here and now, I will be more actively Yawl come in and join me, ok? as your time allows.

NOTE: one other interest that I gained: Trees
. I swear, every tree that I see these days is completely intriguing me. They each remind me of people entangled with each other, all of whom are trying to keep growing and moving upward. Keep an eye out. I’ll start posting very soon.
We have a lotta trees to share!

So many sizes. This one is rather small and
I think it is in Phoenix, Az. 

Please, before I go, be sure to check my website. I'll be adding Trees soon. 

LiveWellToday!SandraTeresa Davenport | The Health Reverend 
LiveWellToday/DrinkTeaAlways!Listen In Sunday @ 3 EDT 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

That's always the first question asked, at a gathering. 
Puzzles are Great Partners
Okay, so I know: when we’re writing for our blogs, we are often instructed to use unindented paragraphs. However, when I was taught to write papers, and yes, to type them, I was taught to always indent at least five spaces, so I do it. What do you do?
As usual, time continues to pass and my recovery continues in a definite way. I continue to learn about aneurysms-how when, where and why they rupture, recovery, and yes, rebuilding myself.
Rebuilding is no simple matter. Do you agree?
Rebuilding often means uncluttering something that you own and moving forward. It may be just ideas, it could be memories, hopes, dreams. Oh, dear, should I go on? Well, you get it, I’m sure. So, I must say that I am still uncluttering my head.
One reason for this is that I always wanted a long, healthy, happy life. These days, I realize more than usual, my part[s] in that.
A position that I have held for a long time is that for anyone who has survived 50 years in black skin [somewhere here in the U.S.], could easily survive for another 50, if they wanted to do so. My conviction was just that we would have to make some adjustments.
I, therefore, am adjusting.
One thing health principle of which I am totally convinced today: Things that truly have a negative affect on blood pressure, which also has a negative affect upon brain function and health, are simple.
To Grow Well, Adjust!
Extra weight. Make a decision to adjust and keep your weight at a healthy number.
Proper nutrition. Not boxed, canned or packaged with too many words that you can’t pronounce.
Stress. Decide whether you want to loose your mind all at once or a little at a time, and put yourself in control of your stress. It may mean changing jobs, or locations where you live and work. Why, heck, you may even need to change your sweetheart[s]. It won’t hurt a thing.
Tobacco [smoking]. I am nearly certain that if you are old/mature enough to care about this topic, read this blog and live a long life, you are aware of the horrors of smoking. Don’t. Do it, my friends.
Sleep. Do it properly, ok. Don’t sleep too much and pray tell, don’t sleep too little. Sleep is what enables the body to heal and move closer to true health. Try for at least 8 hours per night.
My siblings and I hosted a memorial service for my mother on Sunday afternoon. It was just lovely. The house was filled up with 50-60 people who knew, loved and enjoyed her. We even had small little children. Some of them were her great-grandchildren. I’m sure she loved it.
I know now that one property of the human existence, is joy. After that, everything goes a lot easier.
Until we meet again, do me this one favor:

Drink Tea, Always!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This is the armband I 
used while 'hospitalized'. 
More Photos to come!
If you have read my more recent posts, you know that I am officially in recovery. I am recovering from emergency surgery for a ruptured aneurysm, in April. After the better part of a month in the hospital, I am now released.
I have a new life.
That mean much more than approaching life in a different way; a lot more.
I am no longer shy. I was once quite shy with a lotta people [including relatives].
I am no longer lack confidence. I was held back from doing an entire list of ‘things’ because of my low self confidence. These days, I’m held back from doing things that I just don’t care to do. Like what? Job shopping.
Oh, that reminds me!
I am a retired American now.
That’s right.
I am beginning my second year with it and it has been quite lovely. The second happiest day of my life was when I awoke and realized I had no one to call and report that I’d be late for work.
Wow. Some kinda fun.
The first happiest day? The day I went to the first grade, in Cornelia, Ga. I already knew the teacher and most of the students. My grandfather took me there, spoke to my teacher and left. I never lost a tear. It was a great, great day.
So, too, was it a great day knowing that I no longer am anyone’s employee.
See, I’m not that good at it, anyhow.
Like I said, I’ve had quite enough of it.
At different times, I think of another type of career but haven’t started after it as yet. I likely won’t, until my recovery is complete. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have been gifted with another interest.
Again, enough is enough.
Keep Learning what you Love!
Now, I believe that we should all find out what we want to do, and do it. This is especially true for someone who spent 20, 30-plus years doing something distasteful, for pay. I am moving toward a temporary hospice chaplain.
Think over your life, before the time comes to switch. That will put you in an even grander position of choice.
My second piece of information has two parts: nutrition and exercise. Being the HealthReverend, I have always been informed of these two. Today, I have an even greater need for specific information because I am simply trying to recover.
If you have any of the possible indications: high blood pressure, stress, or if you smoke/drink a lotta alcohol, and don’t exercise… maybe we should talk.
Why? Because I want no one that I now know or may soon know, to come into this same experience—a hemorrhagic stroke. Look it up and let your brain expand.

Your Friend,
Sandra d. – TheHealthReverend


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello, Everyone
This is just a note, but…
As you may recall, I haven’t posted here for quite a time. A time, indeed.
I have been ill. Not so.
I am in recovery. Correct.
In April of this year [2016] I experienced emergency brain surgery. Three weeks were spent in the hospital [out of my mind]. I have since spent the last several months at my sister’s home, in recovery.
The entire team of doctors/surgeons were impressed with my quick and full recovery.
What happened?
That was the favored question of the team.
Several members told me that the success I had with the illness and the recovery, were literally unheard-of.
What happened, what saved me?
It was a combination of the health and the genes I had on the day it happened.
What was it?
I was at my hometown Whopper. An aneurysm on a main vein ruptured. I had  a seizure, passed out, woke up, spoke of having too much heat. The people who worked/visited there, called the EMT crew and it went from there.
Those several weeks in the hospital, seriously, I was out of my mind. I have no memory of that experience. The only part of it I do recall is the day I was being released.
The two elder sisters were there, telling me that I was going home with the Number Two sister. I’d be staying there for as long as it took [for me to recover].
Me, stay at my sister’s home until I recover? Really? Why? What happened?
[ @#!*% , I asked that question with a great deal more urgency than the doctors did.] The sisters told me piece by piece about the thing but I never ended up with enough information. I’m still seeking to know.
I had a stroke. The reason it hurts so badly is that as you may know, I am healthfully aware: of myself, my age, nutrition, exercise, etc.
I am a minister.
My work is in biblical principles of health and wellness.
I host a weekly radio show.
But noooo
I. Had. A. Stroke.
That is entirely heartbreaking.
Somehow or other, I passed over sooo much information that I encountered about stroke and high blood pressure and stress and weight and so forth…a lot.
Instead of applying it, I just left it there.
It never once occurred to me that I was a living, breathing stroke, waiting to happen.
But I was.
And I did.
I am also left almost-daily headaches and intermittent dizziness.
I have learned something about my long-term memory aiding my brain’s recovery. All this information is extremely interesting. I’ll never get enough of it. And I don’t imagine that I’ll ever stop talking it over, if someone will listen.
Thank you for your time in reading this post, my dear. It is the beginning of my posting recovery. There is a great, great deal to share; more to come.
Yes, there will be pictures.
Stay well!

Sandra d.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

This is my first post in 11 weeks. Eleven weeks is a long time for me!
My First Printed Book

It has some errors but I am proud of it!
 I have thought of all sorts of topics to write about. All topics in my head were somehow connected to our health. You see, being The Health Reverend, I have that obligation. At one point, I didn’t even feel like making Tea. As you will recall [being one of my faithful readers J] I have been “off track” for a while. 

During that time, having and using self-discipline was an especially difficult task—so I continued to think about my health. Problem? My condition of High Blood Pressure caused me to have an aneurysm in my head. I learned that after everything, surgery, a week of sleeping and returning to the doctor’s office.

My mother was ill in Arizona, so I went there for a week or so. I came back to Habersham County, feeling pretty well. I went to Burger King and my aneurysm ruptured. As far as I am able to think, it is the same as a stroke. I hit the floor on the back of my head, passed out, and someone called the local EMT.

I have learned a lot. Watched videos and other posts and talked with doctors, former patients, nurses and survivors. They all seem to say the same thing. 

I have done a great job of surviving and recovering. Ain’t that something? Some people/patients even say that I have had [or been] a miracle.

This is what I will tell us about our health: Treat it as if it is precious. I am certain that the condition of my health had it all to do with my survival and my recovery. It—Recovery—made me feel like a different person.

You are not required to do that.

But here is one thing I must tell you: find out all you can about “normal” and “high blood pressure. Then, make it your aim and your daily effort, to maintain it.
All these years of HBP, no doctor or nurse or fireman ever once ‘advised’ me on what I could expect. I am telling you, now,
Your health is yours to guard and keep. Look into it and you will soon understand how alcohol, tobacco became the enemies of your health.
Continue to study. I’ll be back soon.


Relax & Enjoy Your Tea! 

SandraTeresa Davenport
The Health Reverend
Contact me, ok: – At Any Time!                   

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Image result for confederate memorial day
I've seen this before, in person, at Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain, GA
Confederate Memorial Day, small town summer festivals, and the health benefits of beer have nothing to do with each other at first glance. However, on closer inspection, you will see a clear and definite connection.

Read on.

Confederate Memorial Day is the fourth Tuesday in April in various Southern States.

I discovered this holiday while living in Montgomery, Alabama and working as a State employee. One year, we had 22 state holidays. Two of those came the same week, Monday and Tuesday. I seem to recall Monday before Confederate Memorial Day was General Lee's birthday.
A State worker looks forward to any holiday. It could be Groundhog's Day; nobody would care.

Today I live in another southern state: Georgia, my home state. In this state I learned that Confederate Memorial Day has been erased from the list of official State holidays. Those are the holidays given to State of Georgia employees.

It seems that Governor Nathan Deal [BigDaddyDeal] decided that he's tired of hearing the conversation and the debate about this holiday. What that means to me is that BigDaddyDeal decided that we don't need to talk about things that make him uncomfortable.

Said Deal:
“It’s hopefully a good faith effort on the part of state government to lower the degree of debate and discussion, and to show that we are a state that has come a very long way. We are tolerant of a lot of things. But we will also protect our heritage. But this was not one of those areas area where I thought it was necessary to keep those labels associated with the holiday.” August 20, 2015 – AJC.COM  Read more, if you're interested. 

BigDaddyDeal [like all politicians] has no idea what he's doing. I don't think politicians are required to know history. I know they don't have any idea of the intelligence, intellect or awareness of the people for whom they speak--often speak so erroneously.

They just don’t relate...

Changing the name of a holiday won’t change history.
Changing the name of a holiday won’t make me feel differently.
Why don’t we all just embrace our Confederate Heritage.
Every American has a Confederate DNA.

For the Record: I am not offended by Confederate Memorial Day. I am not offended by the Confederate Flag. I am offended by police brutality. I am offended by racism and ignorance. If BigDaddyDeal can erase these things, tell him I said right own! 

NOTE: I am speaking about this issue only from my perspective [of what I know about it; my experiences with it and what I think about it]. I have done no research--except to learn that Confederate Memorial Day came into being one year after National Memorial Day [186]. The occasion was to commemorate the Confederate military dead.

CORRECTION: I reported on my local radio show that it was the other way around. I was wrong. I stand corrected.There are a few things I don’t like and there are a few things I can tolerate. But one thing I ab-so-lut-ly hate, detest, and despise is someone thinking and making decisions for me without any idea of what I want for myself.

That is known as Paternalism and yawl know how I feel about isms.

Now, it wouldn’t be so bad if BidDaddyDeal had tried to see how we felt about it; or if he had done an internet/AJC poll, or even if he’d called a few of us down to the State House to talk it over.

If he did any of these things, I never heard of it.

So, instead of asking me how I felt about it, he just decided he was tired of all the debate and discussion and there went the holiday. Oh, people still have the day off. The name just changed to a generic state holiday. Remember, he did it hopefully.

Now that it’s spring, people all over the world are having festivals.

My hometown, Cornelia, Georgia, we are having a festival this very weekend, Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16. You won’t believe it: there’s going to be beer sold at the festival! I don't think I have ever been to a festival in my hometown where beer was available. Not only that, we now have a brewery right downtown.

Image result for whistle top brew company

Besides that, Beer Drinking Season officially begins on Confederate Memorial Day [I know because I said so.].

If you start this weekend with us you have a few days’ head start when the holiday comes.

This is just the coolest thing. Okay, so now you want to know about where the health benefits come in, right?

Here we go:

If you have ever heard my name or seen my website or read any of my blogs, you realize that I TheHealthReverend. I am a seminary-educated, ordained minister. That means my job is to look for health benefits in everything [food, drinks, herbs, oils, lotions, potions].

So it turns out that beer actually does have health benefits.

  • Beer relieves insomnia--everybody knows that.
  • Beer relieves indigestion.
  • Beer helps to strengthen kidneys.
That's just a beginning but there's a whole lot more.

My point: Attend beer festivals this summer. Don't wait for Memorial Day!

He's friendly but I didn't get his name. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The last two topics that I remember on this blog challenge were Write What You Know and Finishing Something. So I'm going to do these in that order.
It is a bit of a historical presentation, which I would have done, but some time later. Thanks again to Jeff Goins for his nudge. 
What I know and what I love and what really thrills my brain is internet technology [IT]. I don’t know a great deal about Internet Technology. I mean that I have a very good relationship with it.
I am not one of those people who avoided it. I wanted to learn and use Facebook. I wanted a cell phone [and not just for roadside emergencies].
This is all about how I came to know and love Internet Technology and some of the developments that I have seen a long way.
I entered internet technology when it was still called automation.  Automation was the experience of going from everything being manually operated to everything being somehow electrical and much more efficient to use.
The year must have been somewhere around 1963. I was in the 7th grade. I took my first and only typing class. I learned to type on a manual Royal typewriter that had no letters on its keys. There were 12 of those machines in the typing room and the English [Mrs. Queenelle Neal] teacher also taught the typing class. It even had an automatic carriage return key. 
Mrs. Neal owned a Smith Corona electric typewriter which she brought to school with her once in awhile. It had its own carrying case. She wanted us to know what an electric machine was like. So she let us take turns and it was a thrill.
Image result for smith corona electric typewriter
In the seventh grade I broke my typing speed on a heavy, black, metal, manual Underwood typewriter with gold painted letters. I typed 72 words a minute.
I also learned office equipment which included a transcriber, an adding machine, a bookkeeping machine and probably something else that I have forgotten.
My employment rested on my typing ability.
My first full-time job was clerk-typist. I used an IBM Correcting Selectric II. It has a removable ball on it that controls all the fonts [an element]. It was only capable of typing in lines. To make a justified line of type, you had to count the letters in the line, add in enough spaces to equal the margin, and then spread the words out across the line as you type so that you would be sure to make it to the end of the line in a block formation. It was also the end of manual carriage returns. Today, every keyboard in the world has a return key. It kills a typist’s speed to have to reach up and ‘throw’ the carriage.
Then I encountered memory typewriters. The most impressive one was the MAG card. It punches holes in a card as you type and recorded your work. When you got ready to use it again, you just put the magnetic card into a slot and it types for you. You only had to type in the variables like the names and the addresses.
So after I learned the MAG card and was able to use it with ease, I became a word processor. As a matter of fact, I became a legal word processor. I was a fast, accurate typist with a good vocabulary. From this point forward, I became a Word Processor. A Word Processor is the person who operates the dedicated word processing computer. The only function it had was document preparation. There was a word processor called Display Writer [IBM] which used several different 8-inch disks. There was one for input, one for edits, one for printing. I seem to even recall that there was a start-up disk.
Lawyers process a great deal of documents in a day or night’s time. In many larger firms, there were several floors. Once in Los Angeles, I temped at a law firm that had 24/7 word processors.
This was a really fun position.
So there was a room which held approximately 15 people and desks with their word processors. It was the 1980’s version of the typing pool.  We had impact printers. They were so loud they had their own room. Imagine the palpable joy we felt when the firm bought laser printers. No noise!
I left word processing for a time. When I returned technology, many great strides had been taken.  For example a laser color printer could be had for well under $500.
When I was in word processing, we had one color printer in the firm. It was locked away in a high-ranking secretary’s office. But in the late 1990’s, every home had its own DeskJet printer with no need for locks and anyone could use them any time.
My first official position was clerk-stenographer. This person listens to and transcribes information that has been recorded on cassette tapes. They were regular cassettes, mini, or micro. It was just one of those amazing but legal functions I’ve performed for pay.
Google Voice Typing
Today I can talk and my words will be presented directly onto the screen in front of me. What's not to love!?
It is a very, very exciting moment.
Another fond memory in automation was floppy disks. They ranged in size from 5¼ inch to 3½–inch microfloppy diskettes. Then we went to thumb drives and now we're in the Cloud. It is fabulous.
As to cell phones:
I have gone from a $9.99 flip with a camera to a Blackberry, with internet access. The next phone had a slide opening. Later, I had my sister’s used iPhone 4. After being mistakenly informed that it had no front camera, I put it aside. In its place, came a BLU Studio 610A. I dropped it in the parking lot. It scattered in three different directions and shattered the screen. Not one for spending high prices for phones, I went shopping. Within 30 days, I moved from Net 10 to StraighTalk to Metro PCS to Boost and finally came to rest with Verizon. I have used most of the major carriers.
Today, I am happy to report that I am the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5 [16 megapixel camera]. I bought it slightly used but in great condition. I can now update my website and upload photos with full authority. Internet Technology—once you know, you gotta love it!
SandraTeresa Davenport | The Health Reverend
Just a Little Left. Enjoy!

Note: Finishing Something  soon to follow. 

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